Take your business to the next level with NFTs Stable Guaranteed Platform.

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Take your business to the next level with NFTs Stable Guaranteed Platform.

The innovative NFTs Stable Guaranteed Platform has the exclusive opportunities for Investment in the Capital of Companies through a Safe and Transparent procedure consisting of a Purchase Option guaranteed by the Pledge (Article 2784 of the Italian Civil Code) on the shares of the Company Capital.
Companies are selected and “Approved” by DTA (Digital Tutor Advisers) – Accredited by JCAdvisers.

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Tokenized Projects
Goals 2022/2023

NFTs Tokenized Projects

Nfts Guaranteed
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Nfts Guaranteed Take Your Business To The Next Level With Nft 2024
It's Electric - euro 2.400.000
100 %
Differenting - Euro 800.000
56 %
JCA - Jupiter Consulting - Euro 120.000
86 %
Stable Building Assets - Euro 7.800.000 (Start 15/02)
0 %
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Introduction to NFTs Guaranteed

Steps to Make it easier for You

NFTs Guaranteed is a Negotiation of Business Activities with Guaranteed Assets through the Digital Transformation Strategy supported by various technologies: Blockchain, Smart Contract and NFT / Token.

NFTs Stable

NFTs Guaranteed offers excellent Business opportunities “Guaranteed by Pledge” in the form of NFTs on future Company Shares that are about to enter the Financial Market.

The Compliance

The economic-financial compliance requirements requested and implemented by JCAdvisers allow NFTs Stable Guaranteed to present thriving, growing and consolidating companies on the Platform.

NFTs Guaranteed is a Negotiation of Business Activities with Guaranteed Assets through the Digital Transformation Strategy supported by various technologies: Blockchain, Smart Contract and NFT / Token.

#1 First Platform
in the World

offering the possibility to Acquire Financial values Represented by Shares that will increase their value over time with a click and in a completely safe and certified way.

Asset and Advisers
Digital Tutor

JCAdvisers has created the ADT “Advisers Digital Tutor” profile who Develop the Company Tokenization which represents the next frontier of the Financial Assets Creation.


We are number one NFTs Guaranteed

A Platform to buy Pledge-Guaranteed Shares with NFTs that can also be Resold on other Marketplaces.

The NFTs Guaranteed Platform is the innovative financial marketplace that allows investors to participate the capital of Companies that, through a "Digital Project Compliance", have projects and activities in place and are about to land on the "NMFG - New Global Financial Marketplace".
JCA and its Team of Professionals Developed a Platform that offers Investors the ability to subscribe to Assets in the NFT format, where "s" stands for "Stable/Guaranteed".
The meaning of NFTs "Guaranteed" refers to those forms of investment that have a real value based on capital and corporate assets, and not on the value of the financial market. This difference is crucial when it comes to assessing the safety of an investment, regardless of its amount.
NFTs Stable Guaranteed, a department of the JCAdvisers Group provides investors with the opportunity to access the acquisition of Corporate Assets that are about to enter the "NMFG - New Global Financial Marketplace".
The options available so far in this sector offer single and non-total solutions: our Team created a Safe, Useful and Transparent product based on the new and best known Digital technologies, including the easy integration of Cryptocurrency payments and a Digital Arbitration system.
Our goal is exclusively the future development of an Eco-Sustainable Corporate Business and not the consolidated results which for us represent only indices on which to measure future successes.
Nfts Guaranteed
Adaptive Digital

Compliances & Smart Contracts

Our investment proposals are implemented through an Economic and Structural Compliance called “Digital and Economic Development Compliance” aimed at guaranteeing the company objectives and their achievement.

The support of new digital technologies and above all of Smart-Contracts guarantees full compliance with contractual agreements that are “Certified” through the Blockchain.

Road Map

A Team Together Since 2019

NFTs Guaranteed was born as a project idea in March 2019 from the twenty-year experience of the founders of JCAdvisers in the fields of international finance, marketing and communication and software development.

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Questions & Answers

The most frequently asked questions

What are NFTs Guaranteed?

The NFTs Guaranteed are tokens backed by a collateral in the form of a pledge (Article 2784 of the Italian Civil Code), they are digital values that have as collateral (or underlying guarantee) the equivalent value in debt securities or similar. This guarantee is formed by means of a formal deed of pledge as set out in the Civil Code. The Pledge is constituted as a guarantee of the debtor’s obligation or by a third party for the debtor.

How can I purchase an NFTs?

To purchase an NFTs Guaranteed you must accept the identification regulations policy for AML (European anti-money laundering regulation), identifying yourself on the portal in the KYC section. After this step, you proceed to pay the amount you want to allocate to the subscription of the option to your Wallet. You then proceed to select the opportunities present on the portal and choose the one you are interested in. Once the transaction is completed, you will receive the NFTs Guaranteed on your Wallet referring to the chosen company. Log in to your Private Area or Register an Account.

What benefits and guarantees do i receive?

With the purchase of NFTs Guaranteed, the main advantage is the opportunity to acquire a stake in the capital of companies that are implementing the transition to digital through the tokenization of assets and their landing on the Zurich and Shanghai digital stock exchanges, this acquisition occurs at a lower value than the nominal value of what it will be at the time of listing by virtue of what has been agreed with the company and us as Advisors. The main objective of this initiative is exclusively to create a widespread community of members that will help develop the knowledge and opportunities that the new Financial Digital Course will offer. Being the first will allow you to obtain exclusive advantages and the knowledge of how to develop your investments in sectors up to now managed by the System in an exclusive and predetermined way, by powers that have placed their domain before the opportunity for widespread economic growth.

Can I buy NFTs from multiple companies?

The purchase of NFTs Guaranteed does not limit either the investment amount or how many companies you can invest in. This is the code of ethics of NFTs Guranteed which has as its basis the greatest individual freedom in the management of their wealth.

Where can I find the Options available to me?

The purchase options, or rather, the “Opportunities” are available on our “My NFTs Guaranteed” platform and on the company’s website where the White Paper is shown, that is, the Programmatic Report of the company project, together with the document that illustrates which it is the path that the company has taken, is following and will follow in the future, with an indication of the human resources and the relative roles, the financial resources available and those identified as necessary.